Masterclass: Healing and Resilience for EMDR Therapists

met Roger Solomon Ph.D.

12 - 13 - 14 maart 2020

EMDR therapy is a paradigm of healing with the journey progressing through the processing of maladaptively stored memories that underlie current discomfort. EMDR therapy is also a paradigm of resilience: Negative images, thoughts, and feelings, decrease and fade and positive images, thoughts, and feelings emerge in an adaptive way. The strengthening of the positive cognition with its associated affect enables enhanced future coping with distressing situations.

This workshop will provide personal EMDR demonstrations and consultation for participants to

1) Enhance personal healing and resilience
2) Learn more about the “Art” of EMDR therapy and
3) How Attachment theory and The Theory of Structural Dissociation of the Personality can integrate with EMDR therapy.

The workshop will utilize the EMDR standard protocol, which can be applied in a flexible way adapted to each individual.
History and Preparation phases are informed by attachment theory (which guide target selection) and The Theory of Structural Dissociation of the Personality (“all EPs are welcome here”).
Stabilization through resourcing parts will be demonstrated. For example, resources of time orientation (“the danger of childhood is over”), compassion (the adult self can have compassion for young parts), and understanding the survival “good job” function of the parts, enable the different aspects of self to be present during memory processing procedures (EMDR phases 3-7).

It must be noted that “parts” can be conceptualized as memory networks that have an individual sense of self. Consequently, the Adaptive Information Procession Model which guides the EMDR therapy, is applicable to complex trauma and can inform case conceptualization and treatment. Importantly, this workshops embraces the attitude that complex trauma and dissociation is something to be understood, respected, not feared, and addressed - and all participants agree to enter a “NO SHAME ZONE”.

The format will be ½ day lectures on AIP, attachment and The Theory of Structural Dissociation of the Personality.
The next two days will be individual sessions with Roger, with the other participants watching.

The format is modeled after “The Art of EMDR,” a workshop which focuses on precision attunement between therapist and client in the application of bilateral stimulation to maximize processing, provides a platform for healing and resilience.
Many “veterans” of the Art have asked for further follow-up to continue their personal journey. This workshop, like a mini-Art of EMDR, aims to use the therapeutic principles practiced in the “Art” to promote healing and resilience. Experience has shown that a small group can provide a positive, trusting, caring, and safe atmosphere that can enhance the processing of negative memories. This workshop aims to utilize these same therapeutic principles to meet the individual goals of each participant.

It is limited to six people who agree to confidentiality and respect for privacy of other participants and to embrace a “no shame zone”.


Day 1 (half day)

Introduction of participants
Lecture: Adaptive Information Processing Model (which guides EMDR therapy), attachment theory, and The Theory of Structural Dissociation

Day 2 and 3: Individual consultations and discussion